Real reason behind Sistar’s Disbandment

Many fans were surprised by the sudden announcement of Sistar’s disbandment last month. How come a group that hasn’t experienced being involved in any scandals, having no problem within their group or agency decides to disband, right?

Sistar gave an explanation to their fans as to why they’re disbanding. They said that it was a unamimous decision between all of the members. After being together for 7 years, the members decided to disband, and to take different paths to seek more opportunities for their solo promotions. 

So, do you think that’s the real reason behind their disbandment? 

According to AllKpop, Starship Entertainment had a rule for Sistar, that is, the group disbands when one of the girls wants to quit. Recently, Sistar’s agency, said that the girls’ disbandment is because one of them wants to leave the group. A representative from the agency said that Hyorin wants to leave the group and pursue her solo career. Maybe that’s the reason why she took all her courage to bring up ‘disbandment’ to the other members.

But don’t lose hope Star1s! The girls also mentioned that a reunion is not impossible.

The group released their last song, entitled “Lonely”, before officially disbanding. 

Their disbandment makes us feel Lonely, ’cause there will be no more Sistar’s songs during summers.

In the meantime, check out their last music video below.


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