Reasons why people are so into K-dramas

“Do you like Messi?”
“OMG oppa! Mah heart mah soul!”
“Ya! Aish!”
“Omo omo saranghae!”

Have you already heard these from other people, especially from the young ones? Or, if not, maybe you’ve seen some posts like that on social networking sites? Hearing those for the first time will leave a big question mark in your head like, “What does that even mean?,” and “What are they talking about?”. Wanna know the answer? Well, you’re in the right place.

Korean drama, also known as K-drama, is a TV series originated from South Korea, having at least 16 episodes for every drama. Every week, 2 episodes are aired which lasts for 1 hour for each episode. As we all know, K-drama is becoming very popular these days. That’s why you’ll be hearing from other people the lines and expressions, which are used in some K-dramas, that I mentioned above. Now that you already know the answer, let’s find out why people are so into K-dramas.

The main reason why most people watch it, is because it is a stress reliever. You’ll be able to forget your problems even just for an hour or so. It gives you happines and makes you laugh. But, what is it with K-dramas that makes it unique from other dramas? Based on a survey I conducted, the best answer to that question is the plot. Unlike in other shows, there are a lot of unexpected scenes, which makes it more interesting to watch, in K-drama. By watching just 1 episode, you’ll be anticipating on what would happen next that you’d wait for the next episode to be aired. You’ll be amazed with the writers for having such creative minds.

Another reason is that, of course, the love story. Since most of the viewers are young people, they’re more interested on shows with romantic scenes and love story. Although some of the K-dramas have similarities and some of the scenes are cliche, you’d still enjoy watching it because of the very cute couple being sweet, doing aegyos (which means acting cute), and such. In addition to that, are the cinematography and the beautiful soundtracks. Of course, we can’t leave the handsome oppas and beautiful noonas, who give life to the characters with their amazing acting skills. You can feel their emotions in every scene even though you’re just sitting in front of your screen and reading the english subtitles.

Now, I’m gonna answer the question that is asked by most people, who aren’t watching K-dramas, “What do you get from watching such dramas?”. We don’t earn money by watching them and by supporting our oppas and noonas. We get nothing but eyebags for staying up late at night trying to catch up on the K-dramas we’re watching. But, thanks to these eyebags, we get to learn many things in life through K-dramas.

We learned to value family and friendship. We learned to give importance on what we have. We learned that everything and every person has a purpose for existing. Most especially, we learned that we should love ourselves first so that others could love us as well, and that physical appearance doesn’t matter at all, just be yourself.

K-dramas don’t just show the characters being lovey-dovey with each other. It also shows how every person deals with his own problems, which could help the viewers handle the same problems and cope up with life.


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